Sunday, July 24, 2011

We can only depend on each other...

Getting ready to take out more meals this weekend. Depending on how things go in Washington, will determine if the homeless count increases dramatically.

It is becoming more and more apparent that if the homeless, poor and needy are going to be helped to any great extent, it is going to have to come from each and every one of us. One helping one. 

This picture is of some of the people I help feed on a regular basis without any kind of assistance. I will be able to go out more often once I get a car. If an unemployed, single mom, without a car can help, surely a lot of you can do that and much more. Am I trying to put pressure on you? Yes. What would happen to you if your company suddenly downsized?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Myths about the homeless

Associated Press
There are many myths and stereotypes about the “homeless”.  Myths and stereotypes come about due to misconceptions born of ignorance, overgeneralizations from a single experience, and poor access to the real facts.   Since the homeless population is often called “the invisible population,” it is understandable why these myths and stereotypes develop and why they persist.  However, myths and stereotypes can be challenged by facts and broken down by those willing to take a fresh look at what they thought they knew.  The following are some common homelessness myths, along with the facts that challenge them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stand Down's Information Page about Homeless Veterans

The information on this page has been compiled from various sources. Credit is  given when possible and links to the sites of origin have been provided below.

For many reasons it is difficult to fully account for the actual number of homeless 
(including veterans) in the US. Many sleep in their cars, in the woods, or other 
hard to locate areas, and many veterans do not use VA / VA affiliated services.
The difficulty in accurately counting the homeless is compounded by the fact 
that the numbers do not include those living with others due to economic need 
or in motels due to lack of adequate housing. Furthermore, the definition of 
homeless is in itself problematic. For example, some definitions, & therefore 
statistics, exclude those who are in prison or jail and those residing in housing 
for the homeless. Many of our incarcerated veterans are homeless. There 
is not a national database to help track our homeless vet. Most available 
statistics don't include the many that are at risk of becoming homeless.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Homeless veteran refuge turned into golf course

Bill Whitaker investigates why land in southern California, set aside for homeless military veterans, has been turned into a private golf course.

O'Reilly: We don't owe homeless vets anything

Two weeks after saying that the government is providing plenty of money and resources to help homeless veterans, that homeless vets are in their situation by choice, and that Americans don't owe homeless vets anything, BOR announced that he would support the creation of a new GI bill because the government isn't providing enough money and resources to vets and that we as Americans owe veterans more than they are getting. BOR had previously said that politicians can "do little" to solve the problem of homelessness among veterans.

INVISIBLE: Homeless in Sioux Falls

Homeless Families Seattle

From: FamilyServicesKingCo  | May 7, 2009  | 18,030 views
So, I went from having this amazing potential future to, literally, in under a year living in a van I remember just the terror and fear How am I going to raise this baby? What am I going to do?

Melissa, mother of 2-year-old Rowan is just one story out of the thousands of families who become homeless every year in Seattle and King County.

Children and families are the fastest growing portion of the homeless population today!! The tragic effect on families is devastating to families, and communities around U.S.

Homelessness Just One Paycheck Away

Stark Report On Homelessness (CBS News)

A new government study finds that there are many more homeless people than beds in shelters, and even that number may be an underestimate. Cynthia Bowers reports.

Invisible People.TV

From: invisiblepeopletv  | Jul 5, 2011  | 439 views
On a recent trip to Nickelsville, a infamous tent community in Seattle, I could not help but notice Bonnie. She stood out from everyone like she could be anyone's mom. 

Ask Yourself--What If...

What If...

The words what and if are two small, insignificant words on their own, but when you join them together they become powerful and far-reaching.What if...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Invisible People

Many people conclude that people are poor through some fault of their own. This kind of reasoning makes it easy to close their hearts and hands to the needy. But we are not to invent reasons for ignoring the poor. We are to respond to their needs no matter whom or what was responsible for their condition.

Homeless Persons