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Signs of the homeless, in clear blacktype

Christopher Devine's project relies on crisp design to raise awareness of need

December 20, 2011|By Josh Noel, Chicago Tribune reporter
Sitting on a milk crate that put him at knee level to passers-by on Michigan Avenue one fading Monday afternoon, LeRoy Harden nodded off, his head dipping beneath the hood of his gray sweatshirt.
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Unemployment improved a bit last month but it is still nearly nine percent and the trouble is job creation is so slow, it will be years before we get back the seven and a half million jobs lost in the Great Recession. American families have been falling out of the middle class in record numbers. The combination of lost jobs and millions of foreclosures means a lot of folks are homeless and hungry for the first time in their lives.

Football: 2 Negrenses to play in 2011 Homeless WCup  
Two Negrense booters were tapped to step up to the challenge to represent the Philippines in the upcoming Homeless World Cup (HWC) in Paris, France from August 21 to 28.