Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stand Down's Information Page about Homeless Veterans

The information on this page has been compiled from various sources. Credit is  given when possible and links to the sites of origin have been provided below.

For many reasons it is difficult to fully account for the actual number of homeless 
(including veterans) in the US. Many sleep in their cars, in the woods, or other 
hard to locate areas, and many veterans do not use VA / VA affiliated services.
The difficulty in accurately counting the homeless is compounded by the fact 
that the numbers do not include those living with others due to economic need 
or in motels due to lack of adequate housing. Furthermore, the definition of 
homeless is in itself problematic. For example, some definitions, & therefore 
statistics, exclude those who are in prison or jail and those residing in housing 
for the homeless. Many of our incarcerated veterans are homeless. There 
is not a national database to help track our homeless vet. Most available 
statistics don't include the many that are at risk of becoming homeless.

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